Debt Limit & the Mad Tea Party

Debt Limit & the Mad Tea Party

The latest power move by the neo-fascists of the Mad Tea Party and Republiklan  centers on the question of raising the "debt ceiling." Their arguments -- and the predictably weak response to it by corporate Democrats like Senator Harry Reid -- suggests that the government...
Greenline: Greenline
Go Solar, But Go Efficient First

Everybody is talking about clean energy these days, but most of the attention is focused on alternative energy, such as solar, wind, geothermal, or other solutions like ethanol, biodiesel, hydrogen. And because of...

Palin "Born This Way" tour

Sarah Palin -- outfitted in a black leather jacket, black tee-shirt, black wrap-around-shades, and backed by a fist full of dollars -- rolled into Washington D.C. Sunday, cruising like a biker babe on the back of a black Harley Davidson.

She’s a baaad mother-(shut yer mouth!)

Lady Palin was closely guarded by...

California Politics of Experience: California Politics of Experience
Part 1 The Journey

Ken Meade searched his pockets for cigarette, bummed a Marlboro and a light from a stranger. He was one of a hundred people hunkered over gaming forms in the clubhouse at Golden Gate...

The Presidio, Pancho Villa and "Illegals"

Years ago the Presidio, a military fortress in San Francisco built by the Spanish, liberated by Mexico, and later seized by the United States,  ceased being a military base and became part of the National Park System.

Ceremonies marking the transfer of the Presidio from military to civilian control were held at a...

Flourescent Bulbs -- Don't Trash 'Em

"Beneath a bare light bulb the plaster did pound," Bob Dylan wrote in his classic song, "A Ballad in Plain D." The bulb you imagine is an incandescent, but it may not...

Tea Party Confederates

The Republiklan and the Demographic Party* tentatively agreed on a budget April 8. Many Mad Tea Party leaders were  disappointed they could not shut the government down, a demand loudly voiced at Tea Party protests...

A Prius in Every Garage

Now that Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has calculated that the cost of the Iraq war will approach $3 TRILLION, it's time to play with some numbers. We have already wasted $522 billion in Iraq,...

A Day at the Russian River

FIFTY-FOUR or more brown pelicans squat on a sand bar where at this time of day the Russian River and the tides of the Pacific surge east and west. The...

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Illegals: A Novel by J.P. Bone

Illegals: A Novel

by J.P. Bone

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Mailer, Vonnegut, Vidal: Those Brave Old Lions Roared

This year we lost two of our greatest and most prophetic American writers, Norman Mailer and Kurt Vonnegut, both at age 84. Both served in combat in World War II. Both hated war, and opposed...

All Hell Is About To Break Loose

Met a carpenter in a parkin lot who had spent the day lookin for work, didn't have no job, no tools, no address, just a backpack where he kept everythin he owned. And he...

Air Conditioning and Its Discontents

So here we are, dancing through springtime, the northern hemisphere of our lovely planet tilting (or maybe skidding) back toward the sun again, birds singing romantic songs, trees beginning to bud, green, real...

The Search For Ronald Reagan's Grave

(NOTE: Dear Readers, this article was written several years before Ronald Reagan died, hence the term "the Search for Ronald Reagan's Grave." We all know where that spot is now. If you want to make...

Honor Thy Ancestors

I have long been a savage critic of modern agriculture, because it poisons the environment, wastes water, exploits workers, tortures animals, demands billions of dollars in subsidies, and eagerly serves up cheap raw...

A (Brief) History of Sex and the Presidency

The recent claims of executive privilege by the Bush/Cheney Regime -- struggling as it is to cover acts of treason -- have many folks pining for simpler times when presidents invoked such fictional "rights" to...

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