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Stark Facts About Bush

There was a sighting in Washington of that most endangered of all species, a Democrat with a spine. Pete Stark showed uncharacteristic grit when he told it like it is in the halls of Congress. His message: Bush loves war and doesn't give a damn about kids.

When Bush vetoed a bill that would have provided health insurance to 10 million children, Stark said: "'re going to spend (money) to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement."

Though under pressure he later retracted his statement, Pistol Pete Stark told it like it is.

Once again the Republican minority in congress has defied the will of the people in order to pad the pockets of the military industrial complex that rules the nation. They have denied millions of children reliable access to medical care by sustaining the presidential veto of "SCHIP." At the same time they continue to lavish taxpayer money on an illegal, immoral and un-winnable war in the Middle East.

Representative Pete Stark called them on their hypocrisy by rightly saying that the right-wing neo-con criminals in control of Washington can find plenty of funding for the bloodthirsty debacle in Iraq, but can't find money to care for sick kids at home.

Spouting all sorts of nonsense about "socialized medicine" (as if that was a bad thing) and other meaningless doubletalk, Bush/Cheney and their cronies have continued their war on the American people as well as on the people of Iraq. It's no surprise that things went down that way. Everybody knows that working stiffs with children cannot afford high dollar lobbyists or huge campaign contributions like the medical insurance industry can.

Naturally the self-righteous dribble from the cocktail courage set soon spilled as freely as Jack Daniels and blood on the highway. House Minority leader John Boehner called for Stark to retract his statement. He whined that Stark has dishonored the commander in chief and the troops in the field. To Minority Leader Boehner I submit that the "Commander in Chief" has dishonored himself by his own actions. He has dishonored himself with the repeated deceptions about the war in Iraq. He has dishonored himself with consistent denial of global warming that can only be considered criminally stupid on his part. He has dishonored himself with his constant attacks on the civil liberties that are supposed to be the very foundation of our nation.

President Bush is guilty of crimes and misdemeanors that have become too numerous to list. If Minority Leader Boehner wants to talk of dishonor, he should look to his own house. He has dishonored himself by being an accomplice to the outrages perpetrated by the Bush/Cheney junta.

As for the troops, nothing Pete Stark says can dishonor them. They have proved themselves beyond any expectation. They have tenaciously done a dirty job with bravery and skill under conditions that, to any healthy person, could only be described as insane. They have spilled their blood for the sake of presidential hubris for five years now and they have done it because they believed it to be their duty. The only dishonor they suffer is due to the charlatans who command them from air-conditioned offices in the nation's capital.

Those brave young men and women continue to go back for multiple tours in the various hellholes that our government chooses for them and they keep plugging. They go for the sake of their comrades so they won't be abandoned and left alone: They go to serve their county in an astonishing example of courage and patriotism. Then they return home all shot up emotionally and physically, only to be neglected when the government is through with them. They join their little brothers and sisters, and their children in being denied the medical treatment and other support they all need.

Does anybody remember what why this war is being fought? Which story are we supposed to subscribe to today? Which lies are we to uphold as fact?

When we see the flag draped coffins of our brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers -- when we see the remains of our children carried off the planes from the Middle East, not to mention the wholesale slaughter of Iraqis and Afghans, where are we supposed to find comfort? In the mythical "American Way?" Are we to find comfort surveying the decay of our cities, our schools, our very way of life? Are we to find relief in the collapse of the environment due in part to the criminal neglect of Bush/Cheney? Or perhaps we should feel proud that our nation has avoided the kind of "socialized medicine" most industrialized nations enjoy, and the knowledge that fifty million Americans do not have medical insurance?

All of these things will be a part of the shameful Bush/Cheney legacy. And yet it was Pete Stark who was threatened with censor for telling the truth...

The President can lay wreaths and give the "thanks of a grateful nation" until he is blue in the face, but his words ring as hollow as the eye sockets of Americans returning from a cruel, endless and unjust war fought at the whim of two madmen and the politicians who don't have the guts to challenge them. The Commander and Thief cares not for the American people, that much is certain. He is little more than a toady servant of other rich folk, the representative of an entire class of people who prosper every time a bomb is dropped, a fighter plane is built and destroyed, and every time a Humvee is Bushwhacked. The only thing that matters for Bush/Cheney is the preservation of a system that has brought them and other members of their class great privilege, though such power and wealth is killing the rest of us and the entire planet.

In closing, a few words for Pete Stark: Stick to your guns. The truth may hurt, but not nearly as much as this terrible war and the damage done by the Bush/Cheney Regime, the most corrupt in American history.

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