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Illegals -

 Reviews of Illegals

 “J.P. Bone has not only produced a novel worthy of reading on its literary merits, but his ILLEGALS is also an extraordinary story which captures the human drama of the everyday struggles experienced by Latino immigrants in their quest for survival and social justice.”

 —Carlos Muñoz, Jr.
“J. P. Bone's novel ILLEGALS is a rarity in contemporary literature
 — a story which boldly and vividly presents a piece of contemporary history, told through characters who cannot fail to move you with their anguish and their courage. I am reminded of Upton Sinclair and John Steinbeck, who did not hesitate to confront the most urgent issues of their day through their fiction. ILLEGALS is a novel that touches the heart. I hope it is widely read.”
 — Howard Zinn
“ILLEGALS is a rare uplifting literary work. It cites chapter and
 verse the details of the exploitation of working people from Latin America by the corporate colossus up north. It paints a bleak picture of immigrants’ plight, yet offers inspiring hope for those who dare to work together in solidarity.”
 —Studs Terkel
“ILLEGALS is a powerful story of humanity, hope, and faith from the
 hearts of the exploited Latino poor in their struggle for justice.”
 —Martin Sheen
“ILLEGALS is, in a way, everyone's story. As a nation of immigrants,
 most of our families had to find a way, by hook or crook, to get into this country. It wasn't always pretty. Most have forgotten how it was that we happened to be Americans in the first place. A book like this reminds us that the struggle to enjoy the "freedom" promised in America is exactly just that -- still a struggle, still not available to all. I encourage you to read ILLEGALS not just for its powerful commentary, but because it's a damn good read!” 
 —Michael Moore
“ILLEGALS allows us to hear for the first time the voices of characters so far excluded from the chorus of American literature. Central American and Mexican immigrants who made the journey north to escape violence and poverty face the sweatshops of L.A. and union-busting tactics of the modern era. A direct descendant of Galarza's Barrio Boy, Antonio, the Chicano organizer, must negotiate the treacherous terrain populated by corrupt union officials, powerful bosses, and frightened workers. ILLEGALS teaches us that the new immigrant workforce will not be passively exploited and that, despite postmodern pronouncements to the contrary, the grass roots political tactics of the past are hardly obsolete. It is a novel that tells the simple truth .”
 -- Professor Jorge Mariscal, UC San Diego
ILLEGALS was taught in classes ranging from Latin American Studies to English Literature at the New School for Social Research in New York, U.C. Berkeley, U.C. San Diego, Antioch University, and Monterey Bay State University.
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Looking for J.P. Bone
posted by: Raul Gomez

I've been looking for Mr. Bone for a year now, very interested in interviewing him about his book, ILLEGALS. Have sent several inquiries to the letters to the editor but have never heard anything back. Is there a place where I can reach him?
how to reach
posted by: Annonymous

Please advise how I can reach the author

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Illegals: A Novel by J.P. Bone

Illegals: A Novel

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Reviews of Illegals

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