Defend defend defend defend

defend until the very end

defend your friend defend your foe.

defend your TV’s right to know

defend your sweat-shop running-shoe

defend yourself from Cuba too

defend your dog defend your cat

from Darwin dope and Arafat

defend your right to bear your arm

defend your burglar alarm

defend your lawn defend its mower

defend your leaves defend their blower

defend your rocket’s rocket science

defend your every last appliance

from terrorist attack and then

defend them staunchly once again

defend your fleet of SUVs

from serious contingencies

and while you’re at it bold erect

defend defenses to protect

our FBI and CIA

defending the American way

defend your national anthem proud

defend it when you sing it loud,

defend your defensive linemen too

defend them till you’re red white blue,

defend your head coach and his flag

from homo perverts dressed in drag

and luring leering pedophiles

entrapping Boy Scouts with their wiles

defend yourself from fear of fear

of fear of fear of turning queer

defend yourself and watch my back

you never know when they’ll attack

defend from covert Arab bombs

conspiring with welfare moms

to deprive you of your hard-

earned platinum credit card

defend our telegenic war

defend the right to fight some more

defend our burgers and our fries

defend them without alibis

defend your sacred Christian right

to download God from Falwell’s site

defend your temporary alliance

to secure permanent compliance

with covert interrogations done

by agents fresh from Washington

defending Cheney’s need to know

from Tulsa to Guantanamo

with weapons loaded, ready, aim

defend your honor and your name

defend Colombia and Peru

and Bangalore and Xanadu

defend our mountain majesty

from homeland insecurity

defend above our fruited plain

defend your bombs from crack cocaine

defend your holy war on drugs

from anthrax-breeding foreign thugs

defend your flag your mom your God in

bold defiance of bin Laden

defend your permanent war on terror

defend your testicles by the pair or

defend them boldly one by one

defend them by the megaton

defend collateral contraband

on damaged strips of holy land

if thoughts of nerve gas make you nervous

defend your right to armored service

defend from heroin from Iraq

smuggled in a sneak attack

inside weapons of mass destruction

defend your oil from foreign suction

defend your right to fight Iran

for pipelines through Georgebushistan

to North Korea and from there

to every country anywhere

defend us from that evil axis

defend from death defend from taxes

defend us from Eritrea

and foreign strains of gonnorhea

concocted deep in secret caves

by hidden nuclear warfare slaves

defend from germs covertly spreadin’

across the plain of Armageddon

defend defend defend defend

defend until the final end