The war in Ukraine is good for business — and not just for corporations that manufacture weapons of war.

According to a report filed by Rueters September 6, Zelenskiy’s government “launched a platform of over 500 projects worth $400 billion for foreign companies and private investors to help rebuild Ukraine’s economy, even as the war with Russia drags on.”

“Zelenskiy appeared on a video screen behind the platform overlooking the NYSE floor where the opening bell is traditionally rung,” the Rueters piece said. “Traders applauded and whooped while a banner read: ‘We are free. We are strong. We are open for business.'”

According to the same report, Zelenskiy appeared “fresh from a roundtable with top executives from JP Morgan (JPM.N), Pfizer Inc. (PFE.N), and other U.S. companies.”

“Ukraine is the story of a future victory and a chance for you to invest now in projects worth hundreds of billions of dollars to share the victory with us,” Zelenskiy declared.